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Safest locks for your house

Safest locks for your house

In recent years, home security – portes asfaleias – has been a major concern for us. Robbers are constantly finding new ways to break into their doors and now they have found ways to manipulate security doors as well. In particular, if your security door was installed before 2010, you should add its change to your list, as you are not safe enough. Lately, there has been an increase in breaches in this type of locks, with no substantial breach at the door.

Preventing the security systems you maintain in your home will save you from would-be burglars. If you are looking for the best lock for your door, new generation security locks are a pretty good choice. There are several options in brands and prices in the trade and you can choose the one that suits you best and meets your needs for security. Read the following information to decide what type of lock to install on your door.
The safest locks for the home and everything you need to know about the ANSI rating system!

What are the safest locks for your doors?

Now the locks with large keys, the locks with special type locks, as well as the security locks that have been installed before 2010 do not offer any security. Burglars have found ways to open these locks in 2-5 minutes and completely silently. So, if you want to replace the lock of your house, prefer to use new generation security locks. The options you have are the following:

1. Security locks with plastic cylinder

Roller locks belong to the new generation security locks. Their function is based on the existence of a robotic navel. The robotic navel operates mechanically with balls and timers, while its construction does not contain any springs. To open the door, the key commands the timers to rotate. This way, the unlock can be done with a single key, while no keys can be created.

The security keys for these doors are always delivered sealed to the owner. In case you need more than one key for your door, you can create a key only by presenting the property card, which you receive when buying the lock.

2. Security locks with steel cylinder

The safest locks use a steel cylinder. A steel cylinder, due to its material is more difficult to break. It simply came to our notice then.

Steel cylinder security locks may be more expensive, but they are much safer. They have a defender system made of steel that does not allow the cylinders to be broken or a hole to be drilled inside. In addition, they have a dual security system that blocks the fire and the navel in case of system breach. This way you get more security, as the door does not open in cases of violation of its mechanism.

In any case, you should remember that the lock alone can not offer you the shield of the house. You should use a complete protection system in combination with the safest lock, in order to have the maximum possible results.

Burglary of security systems: Take action!

What do you know about the ANSI rating system?

The safest locks are rated according to the ANSI system. The rating is divided into scales that indicate how durable or not the lock is in the impact. Thus, the locks are divided into:

Grade 1 locks: The safest locks

Grade 1 locks are considered the safest locks on the market. A grade 1 lock has the highest impact resistance and can be a significant barrier to entry by robbers.

Grade 2 locks

Grade 2 locks may not be the safest locks you can choose from, but they are able to offer good protection in your home. In this category are mainly the most commercial locks.

Grade 3 locks

Grade 3 locks can meet your needs. However, they are prone to burglary and may not provide the security you seek for your home.

Overview for the safest locks for your house

We hope you found the article useful and found the safest locks on your door. If you want a more specialized advice for changing your lock, you can contact the rated locksmiths of Alfinodoor.gr. By filling out a short form, you will immediately receive the best offers from the best professionals.

You need to install the best locks possible in order to enjoy the safety of your security doors! Burglars and thieves will definitely be kept out of your houses after you install them!

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