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The best cell phone. How do I choose it?


The best cell phone. How do I choose it?

The best mobile phone or smartphone – thikes kiniton is considered to have a high score on benchmarks such as antutu. This is a commonly accepted result for most users. A good benchmark score comes with all hardware components as well as software/firmware.

But is this the best phone for every user? And by what criteria should I choose a smartphone? Here are the steps that will help you choose the right smartphone that will best meet your needs.

Operational ios or android

The first step is to choose an operating system. Two smartphones have prevailed. Ios and android.

  • Operational ios: It is safe, more expensive and there is full compatibility with Apple products and services.
  • Functional android: It is more flexible, configured according to the user’s needs, cheaper and compatible with Google products and services.

Price of the smartphone

Determine the range of money you are available to give. We usually divide the range costs into 3 categories

  • From € 70 to € 150:  In this category, you can find reliable android devices with several features from manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Huawei.
  • € 150 to € 250: In this category, you will find reliable android devices fully upgradeable but also old iPhone models with operating ios which are no longer upgraded to new versions of operating system (ios).
  • € 250 to € 500:  In this category, you can find cheap android flagships for mobile phones, usually from Chinese manufacturers as well as older iPhone models that still have the operating system upgraded.
  • > 500 €:  In this range, you will find the best smartphones in functional android and ios that will cover all your needs.


Processor and memory of the smartphone

It is very important that you manage within the range of money you will have to get the best possible processor with more memory.

You should know that memory plays a big role in the speed of a smartphone. For example, it is better to buy a 4-core smartphone with 4gb ram than an 8-core 2gb ram.

Because most smartphones over 150 euros are 8 cores, choose one that synchronizes at a lower speed but has more memory.

Smartphone storage

After the processor and memory, storage is the next important point to look out for. It will be good for the smartphone to have large internal storage space but also the ability to accept a micro sd card.

Otherwise, you will need to select a model in the following order:

  • Prefer a smartphone with a large internal storage and accept a micro sd card.
  • Otherwise, choose a smartphone that has a large internal storage space, even if it doesn’t get a memory card
  • Otherwise, get a smartphone that may have a small internal storage and can get a micro sd memory card.

If you choose a smartphone with a small internal storage and sd card, make sure it has an operating system version that can install applications on the sd card.

Try to choose a device that does not have less than 32gb of internal memory.

Smartphone functions

Choose the smartphone that meets your needs.

  • Make sure it is compatible with the applications you are using on the computer
  • If you are transferring files via wifi/bt make sure it supports it
  • If your security and encryption meet your needs
  • See if the apps you’re using are free or you have to pay a subscription
  • If it has GPS it needs data support
  • Find out if the apps you are interested in are available in the AppStore or play store.
  • File types that the smartphone allows you to download. For example, the iPhone has restrictions on downloading specific types of files.

 The camera of the smartphone

There is a large percentage of users -mainly women- who choose the smartphone based on a good camera. They have done a whole analysis of how we choose a cell phone with a camera. 

It is wrong to put the camera as the first choice on a smartphone. Especially now that all smartphones have raised the bar and have all the notable cameras. After all, the beautification of photos is now undertaken by applications with AI technology that essentially require a good processor.

 Smartphone screen

The screen type on the smartphone gives great value to the smartphone. A cell phone can have a bad camera and due to the high resolution of the screen, you can see the photos it takes much better than another phone that has a better camera but a worse screen.

The types of screens that have prevailed in the market now are the following:

  • Super Amoled. Precise screens, high definition, bright colours, bright black.
  • IPS. Cheaper, high definition, natural colours, bright white.

We also give great importance to analysis. Most screens now have FullHD resolution and 4k mobile screens have been released (see Sony Xperia 1). It would be good to choose a smartphone that has at least Full HD resolution (to see Netflix, Disney +, amazon prime etc)

 Smartphone battery

Large screens and powerful processors also require large batteries. The operating system also plays a very important role in battery consumption. Usually, ios save more on android as it loads fewer tasks than android.

A 3000mAh battery and above is considered a good choice. Of course, the mobile phone manufacturing company also plays an important role. For example, a not-so-well-known Chinese smartphone may write that its battery is 6000mAh and actually behave like a 3000mAh battery.


Smartphone warranty

Some companies offer a one-year warranty for good operation in Greece, while according to a European directive, all technology devices must have at least a 2-year warranty.

There are also smartphones which, while the official dealership offers a two-year warranty, but phones that have come from intermediaries from another country, the dealership does not cover them at all.

Remarks and advice

  • The guide we wrote is intended to put you in a series of ways of thinking about choosing the right smartphone.
  • Each user has their own way of thinking and of course, they can set different priorities than the ones we mention. But it is important to know some details about our needs and what a smartphone can offer us
  • Don’t always listen to cell phone sellers. They have goals and priorities to sell phones promoted by companies – with more profit.
  • Go read. First, classify yourself in 3-4 models and ask for the help of the seller on them with your needs as the denominator.
  • Do not be in a hurry. There may not be the model you want. Wait or look elsewhere.

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